3 Steps to Uncovering Discount Car Insurance Rates

3 Steps to Uncovering Discount Car Insurance Rates

Are you wondering how to find discount car insurance rates? Many car insurance companies want you to believe that their rates are the cheapest around, so it can be difficult to decide who has the cheapest rates, and who is just trying to get your business. Now, there are going to be limits to how cheap the rates will be, but don’t just automatically assume that the first company you find will be the best for you.

If you do happen to find discount car insurance rates with a certain company, chances are that the coverage you will get with such a good discount is minimal–no where near what you may need. On the other hand, some companies will give you great coverage, but a minimal discount on your rates. How can you find great coverage at a big discount?

Arrange Your Finances

Of course, before shopping around to get discount car insurance rates, there are some things you need to do to make sure that when you do finally buy car insurance, you are getting the best deal you can possibly get. First, you need to make sure that your credit history is clean. All insurance companies, including car insurance, will look at your credit along with other factors to determine how much of a risk you are.

The theory is that if your credit is a mess, that you will not be a careful driver. Pay your bills on time, and try to pay down as much debt as possible. This will not only get you a lower premium rate, but it can also help with other aspects of your financial future–such as buying a home. If you have had a car accident recently, there may not be much you can do to get a lower premium rate, but even within that framework, there may be different companies that will still give you discounts.

Shop Around

Perhaps the best thing you can do to find discount car insurance is to shop around. Call at least five different car insurance companies and ask for their rates. Also, ask what different discounts they may have and how you can qualify for their discounts. A better way, however, is to get online and search for “discount car insurance rates”.

Compare at least five different companies by getting quotes online, as well as searching through the sites to find other information that could help you get discounts through them. The reason that getting a quote online is a better way is because if you are talking with an agent on the phone, he or she may be biased and will say almost anything to get you to buy a policy.

Once you do find a company that offers discount car insurance rates, there may be some things that you can do to decrease your premium payments. Getting certain safety features, such as car alarms, automatic seat belts, and side air bags on your car can give you a major discount.

If you have the means, paying your yearly premium all at once may save you some money on the premium, or even increasing the deductible may save you some cash. Also, be sure to tell your agent how much you drive…this may decrease your risk, i.e. your premiums. If you drive less than 6,000 miles in a year, you could qualify for a cheaper rate.

Also, if you have more than one vehicle, you can get a discount by insuring all your vehicles with the same company. And if they offer homeowner’s, renter’s, or other types of insurance, buying more than one policy can give you a discount on all policy premiums.

Location, Location, Location

The last thing that you can do to find discount car insurance rates is to look at where you park your car at night. If you live in a rural area, or a small town, there is less risk for crime, which will decrease your premiums. However, if you can’t or don’t want to live in a rural area, you can still qualify for a discount. Having a garage will help, or even leasing a garage can give you a discount. Even if none of this applies to you, living in a neighborhood with lower crime rates will help you to get cheaper rates.

Finding discount car insurance rates can be easier than you think if you know what you are doing and what to look for. The old adage, “It pays to shop around” is very true when it comes to finding lower car insurance premiums.

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