Albuquerque Auto Insurance

Albuquerque auto insurance is a must have for any car owner. There are a wide range of policies you can purchase beginning with liability coverage up to comprehensive coverage.

New Mexico requires a minimum amount of auto insurance. It is written as 25/50/10 and represents the monetary coverage limits in thousands of dollars for bodily injury and personal property damage. This is liability coverage only and pays when you are at fault in an accident and cause bodily injury or damage to someone(s) personal property.

If you have a newer vehicle, you will be looking to also add collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy. These types of policies protect your vehicle in the event of a collision as well as for other perils such as theft and vandalism.

The average cost of an Albuquerque auto insurance policy for one year is about $2,000. This is more than $200 higher than the national average. You can offset this high cost by shopping around for the best rates available to you. Auto insurance rates are not fixed and one company may be able to offer you a much lower rate than another.

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