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Recommendations when Buying Your First Car Insurance Policy

American Express Auto Insurance Company has been insuring both new and experienced drivers for years. After purchasing your first car, your next order of business will be to purchase the necessary auto insurance to protect your new investment. If this is your first policy, you may find the process of insuring your new car a bit complicated at first. There are so many different coverage options available and you just need something you can afford.

Where do you begin?

The mistake many new auto insurance shoppers make is failing to shop around with different insurance providers to compare rates. Neglecting to get quotes and shop around for the best rates available that fit your budget will keep you from saving money on your auto insurance premium. It could also keep you from finding the best, most affordable insurance for you.

Why Buy Auto Insurance?

It is the law in all 50 states to carry the minimum amount of auto insurance according to your state. Your auto insurance policy represents your financial responsibility as a motorist. Your auto insurance protects you when you cause property damage or injure someone while driving. If you are ever in an accident without car insurance coverage, it could be financially devastating, and you could end up losing your license.

How to Shop For Quality Car Insurance

Just because you are buying your first auto insurance policy doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck paying outrageously high premiums. Because you are a new driver with no previous record of owning an auto insurance policy, you will end up paying a higher rate than someone with an auto insurance history. Still, there are some very affordable rates available. Here are some of the best ways to obtain those rates:

  • Compare auto insurance rates locally and online.
  • Educate yourself about auto insurance policies so that you know exactly what you need instead of relying on an agent to tell you how much you should spend.
  • Tell the auto insurance companies you contact for quotes that you are shopping around to get the best deal. This will encourage them to work with you on the cost as much as possible.
  • Find out if you are eligible for any auto insurance discounts that may get you an even better rate. Are you a college student? If so, by maintaining at least a “B” grade average you qualify for a discount that can lower your premium.
  • Choose a higher deductible for full coverage auto insurance in order to get a cheaper premium rate.

Does the Car Matter?

If you’re still in the process of choosing that exciting first car, be aware that the exact vehicle you choose will impact your insurance rates. Sports cars are considered riskier, while minivans are considered less risky. Cars with high thefts rates (stolen most often) are also given higher rates. Choosing a two door rather than a four door could actually save you some money just because thieves prefer the four door models.

Review Your Auto Policy Each Year

Now that you have auto insurance, don’t just forget about it. Make it a habit to review your policy each year. Compare rates against other policies to insure you are getting the best rate. Auto insurance is a very competitive market. Companies are constantly competing against one another trying to undercut one another’s prices. Checking quotes once a year is a great way to save money. If you find a better rate available you can just switch.

You should also remember to review you policy whenever there is a changing event in your life. If you get married, divorced, have children or buy a new car, you should check your policy immediately and make the necessary changes.

So what are you waiting for? Just insert your zip code into the quote box at the top of the page to find out more about American Express Auto Insurance Company right now.

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