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What is SR22 Insurance?

We’ve all heard about it. An SR22 auto insurance policy is required for anybody who has been in trouble before, right? It’s almost like a financial penalty for being irresponsible, an expensive penalty. While it is true that SR22 forms are generally only required to be filed by drivers who have found themselves in a pickle before, SR22 insurance is not really a penalty, so to speak. In reality, an SR22 filing is nothing more than proof of insurance filing for your state that proves you have auto insurance in force for a length of time, up to three years. Your insurance company files the form with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and is required to notify the state in regular intervals whether or not you have coverage or if you have let it lapse. An SR22 form lists personal information about you and your auto insurance including: whether or not you own the policy and if you are a driver on it and what coverages you are carrying

When Would I Be Required to Carry SR22?

SR22 is not an actual insurance policy, but a certificate of proof to the Department of Motor Vehicles that you are carrying a valid insurance policy that complies with your state’s laws for coverage. Many states require an SR22 filing after specific driving related offenses have occurred. Not all states require an SR22 to be files, but the ones that do may require them for any of the following offenses: • Unsatisfied Traffic Fines • License Suspension/Revocation • Driving without Insurance • Being involved in an accident without insurance

How Do I File an SR22?

Most insurance companies will file an SR22 for you at your request, though there may be a cost to you for this service. Many companies will do it for free once per year, or possibly even every six months. If you already have auto insurance, contact your current company to see if they provide a service for filing an SR22. If they do not, there are many companies who are willing to provide this service at little or no cost to you. Before you get started shopping for a new insurance provider, it may be beneficial for you to talk to an insurance professional to make sure that you are purchasing the coverage you need and are signing with a reputable before you make your decision. It is far more costly to you to be in violation of a court order than to spend a few extra dollars with a reputable insurance company who will ensure that you are meeting your obligations under the order.

How Do I Locate an Auto Insurance Company?

With so many options for auto insurance out there, it may become confusing. We have simplified the process for you by providing an auto insurance rate finder at the top of this webpage. To find the best auto insurance quotes for SR22 filings, use the Free Car Insurance Rate Finder Tool at the top of this page.

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