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A division of the well-known MetLife Insurance, Metropolitan Auto Insurance has you covered when it comes to your vehicle insurance needs. Both standard and non-standard coverage are offered by this company.

Get Metropolitan Auto Insurance
Coverage Through Your Employer

You may be familiar with group insurance benefits through your employer, but did you know that you can also get auto insurance coverage through a group plan? Metropolitan Auto Insurance offers this option as one of its services.

Benefits Of Metropolitan Group
Auto Insurance Coverage

The main benefit to being enrolled in a group insurance plan is financial. You will be able to get a lower rate for your insurance needs if you are enrolled with a number of other people. Metropolitan Auto offers additional discounts on for long-term employees as well.

Your auto insurance premiums are deducted automatically from your pay check. You don’t have to write a check for it or arrange for the funds to be deducted from your bank account. Since your premiums will always be up to date (as long as you are enrolled in the group plan) you may be entitled to a further discount on your car insurance as well.

Further discounts are offered to employees who park their vehicle in a garage. If you have access to a garage, be sure to mention this fact when you arrange for your insurance coverage.

Whether you have bought your insurance as part of a group plan or not, you can still choose the types and levels of coverage that are right for your needs.

Other Benefits Of Choosing
Metropolitan Auto For Your Needs

This company will also replace your vehicle if it is totaled within the first year following purchase or 15,000 miles driven, whichever comes first. You will not be required to pay a deductible if you find yourself in this situation.

If you have sustained major damage to your brakes, tires, battery, or shocks, the insurance company will replace these items, also with no deductible.

Identity Theft Resolution Service Through
Metropolitan Auto Insurance Company

Identity theft is something that we have all had to become more aware of in recent years. A person who has been the victim of this crime often doesn’t know where to turn or how to get help.

When you arrange your car insurance through Metropolitan Auto Insurance, you also have access to an identity theft resolution service at no extra charge. If this happens to you, simply make a call to the Metropolitan Insurance to get help with filing a police report and advising the credit bureau of what has transpired. The insurance company will take steps to monitor your credit for a year after the event as well.

This service also provides assistance to you if your wallet is lost or stolen. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could make one call to your insurance company’s claims department and have someone take care of all the details for you?

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The Metropolitan Auto Insurance Company is certainly worth considering.

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