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For the traveler who lives life on the road, a recreational vehicle can be ideal instead of paying for expensive food and hotel rooms. An RV can be a home away from home, but will the automobile insurance cost more than desired? What types of automobile insurance are available?

Types of Insurance for Motorhomes

Total loss replacement is available for RV owners who want to be prepared for anything. The name says it all. If you lose everything, this type of insurance will see that you get everything back including equipment or if you have an older RV you will receive a cash payout equal to the price of the motorhome and its contents.

Emergency expense coverage covers any problems you may have while traveling for leisure. Temporary living conditions, transportation, and other reasonable expenses will be provided for you with this type of coverage.

Tow or companion vehicle insurance includes an emergency hotline available 24 hours. If you need to be towed at any time for any reason, you can call and this type of insurance covers you and the hotline will take care of everything. This coverage includes towing the companion vehicle attached to the RV.

Specialty coverage is absolutely necessary if you live in your motor home full time. Certain companies will design a policy to meet your insurance needs. This coverage is very desirable in case of property damage or personal damage. Medical expenses can also be covered as well as coverage for bodily injury and accident coverage.

Also types of insurance to look into would be accessories coverage, high liabilities limits, fire, flood, and theft coverage, as well as personal items replacement.

Common Misconceptions

The truth is that your RV cannot be covered well by an auto policy. Auto policies do not cover any personal items that may be in the RV. Also, auto policies often will not cover an RV when it is parked somewhere and used as a residence instead of a vehicle. In addition, auto policies will not cover accessories that are damaged such as awnings, antennas, satellite dishes, and rooftop air conditioners.

Another misconception is that homeowner’s policies will cover the personal property in the RV. Just as auto insurance does not cover many things, homeowners insurance tightly restrains the coverage for items that are off the property and premises.

Yet another misconception is that a motor home is essentially the same thing as a private passenger vehicle. However, cars do not carry 100 pounds of gas, 300 gallons of water, and 200 gallons of wastewater. Also, cars do not carry refrigerators, tvs, bathrooms, sleeping quarters, ovens, or other such necessary items while on the road.

Motorhome Insurance Premiums

Some of the same factors that are taken into account for automobile insurance are considered for motorhome insurance as well as a few additional factors such as:

  • the age of an RV
  • the size of the motorhome engine
  • the insurance history of the RV driver
  • the age of the driver
  • the experience of the driver
  • the make and model of the RV
  • the amount of miles
  • the place of storage
  • whether the RV is tagged electronically
  • overseas coverage
  • replacement vehicle coverage
  • glass and windshield coverage
  • contents insurance

The motorhome insurance available is very broad and covers a wide range of needs. Look for an affordable price that covers the most possible. Of course, premium discounts will be available for qualifying drivers.

Saving Money

If you are looking to save money, only insure the basics. Also, make sure that you fit your RV with an alarm or have it electronically tagged. You can also get some discounts if you are members of certain clubs or organization. Be sure to shop around and get at least 3 quotes from different providers so that you can compare the different policies and the benefits. Also, consider increasing your excess so that your premium may drop lower.


 Recreational vehicle insurance is not the same as automobile insurance and should not be treated as such. Shop around to find the best deal with the most coverage. No one desires unwanted surprises while vacationing in an RV.

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