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You are probably aware that those currently serving in the military can qualify for auto insurance discounts. You may not be aware that auto insurance for veterans can also be much less expensive. There are many reasons for the savings veterans may receive on auto insurance, so before shopping around, read over this article to get an understanding of just where you stand.

Saying “Thank You” With Discounted Auto Insurance for Veterans

An initial reason for auto insurance policy savings for veterans is simple. It is a “thank you’ for the sacrifice that you made for your country and the citizens of this nation. Virtually all auto insurance companies will offer at least some sort of discount for those serving and for veterans as a little reward. Most insurance providers feel it is the least they can do for a group of individuals that are so deserving.

Characteristics that Reduce the Cost of Auto Insurance for Veterans

In addition to giving back just a little to those who have given so much, veterans generally have characteristics that make them less of a risk than the average person. The average veteran shows a more advanced sense of discipline and responsibility. You are less likely to be involved in an accident, drive under the influence or flaunt the traffic laws. For this reason, many auto insurance companies provide a standard discount on auto insurance for veterans. You can save anywhere from 5 to 20 percent on your premiums, depending upon the company.

The Extent of Discount Auto Insurance for Veterans

There is one caveat to getting a discount on auto insurance for veterans. You must still have other factors in your favor to qualify for the best rates. A checkered driving record, even for a veteran, will be hard to overcome. A conviction for driving while intoxicated will still put you at the top of the high risk category. You may not pay as much as others in the high risk category, but the premiums will still be very high.

If you keep your driving record clean, have a high credit score, purchase a vehicle that is not too expensive to insure and use your auto insurance for veterans discount, you will qualify for extremely cheap auto insurance rates.

Companies Specializing in Auto Insurance for Veterans

While most auto insurance providers will offer discounted rates to veterans, some companies specialize in auto insurance for veterans. The following companies specialize in auto insurance for veterans. They may offer lower rates and/or additional services to those currently serving or that have served.

  • GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company)
  • USAA (United Services Automobile Association)
  • VFW (through 21st Century)

In order to be considered a veteran you must have an honorable discharge. Many of these companies will extend the same rates and services to the spouse and children of veterans.

Shopping Around for the Most Affordable Auto Insurance for Veterans

To find the best deal on auto insurance for veterans you still must shop around. The first step is to evaluate the policies and options available. How much coverage does the policy offer? Are their any added-value options, such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement?

Once you have a good idea of the policy you feel best fits your needs you can begin comparing prices. Without a price comparison, you cannot be sure which company offers the most protection for the best price. You can get online auto insurance quotes for free and it takes only minutes. Use these quotes to find the most affordable auto insurance for veterans.

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