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In the  year 2007, Miami saw 51 auto accidents that resulted in fatalities. The accidents involved 132 people and the cars were driving on average no more than 35 miles per hour. No matter how good a driver you are, accidents happen. Since Florida follows a no fault system, your insurance company will need to pay for your injuries whether you are at fault or not. It’s important that you find auto insurance Miami that you can trust and that will give you the best rate available for the service you need.

How Much Coverage Do I Need for Auto Insurance Miami?

The state of Florida requires a minimum of $10,000 of person injury protection and $10,000 of property damage protection. These minimums, however, most likely will not cover your costs if you are involved in a serious accident, so it’s a good idea to purchase more auto insurance Miami coverage than required. In general, experts recommend that you consider purchasing $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident of bodily injury protection in order to make sure you don’t get stuck with bills once you leave the hospital. You might also want to consider purchasing more property damage protection if you drive a car that could not be replaced for under $10,000.

How Can I Find the Best Rates for Auto Insurance Miami?

The best way to find a great deal on auto insurance Miami is to shop around. The average annual premium for car insurance in Florida is $1,715, but you can often find better rates than this by doing a comparison search. Get quotes from as many companies as you can and compare their benefits and services as well. An online comparison website can be of help to you as you gather information. Once you’ve found the two or three cheapest companies, make sure you talk to a live representative in order to get a feel for the company and how you might be treated as a customer. Remember that the cheapest rate is not always the best deal. You want a company that offers great customer service and makes filing a claim as easy and stress free as possible in addition to offering affordable coverage.

How Can I Get Discounts for Auto Insurance Miami?

Getting a discount on your auto insurance Miami policy is sometimes as easy as asking. Many companies will work with you to keep your business, especially if you have a good driving record. Low annual mileage (driving less than 10,000 miles in a year) can earn you a discount for limited use. You might also receive a discount if your car has certain safety features such as airbags or an anti-theft system. Consider raising your deductible in order to lower your premium. While a high deductible may seem like an extreme option, you can set aside the deductible amount ahead of time so that you won’t be caught unable to pay if you do get in an accident. The savings you’ll receive on your monthly premium will soon cover the amount of the deductible and then some. Some companies will give discounts to students for good grades or for proof of safe driving habits. The bottom line is that you can save a lot of money simply by talking to your insurance agent and asking what kind of discounts he can offer you.

Auto insurance Miami is cheaper than the national average and if you know how to shop around, you can get rates that are better than the average in Miami as well. Enter your zip code at the top of this page to receive your free auto insurance quote today.

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