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When it comes to auto insurance, regions (or states) have minimum levels of coverage that drivers are required to carry for liability insurance. Depending on where you live, you may need to buy more basic insurance than someone you know who lives in a neighboring state or another part of the country altogether. No matter what region you call home, make sure you understand what level of basic coverage you must carry.

Auto Insurance Regions: Minimum Coverage

The minimum levels of coverage required by law are just that: the bare minimum you need to legally carry. In the case of liability coverage, it exists to compensate other people for their injuries due to an accident where you are the at-fault driver. Keep in mind that the insurance company will only pay up to the policy limit.

In a situation where the damages are severe, the costs will be high. Any damages payable above the level of coverage you have selected will need to be paid by yourself personally. Some people have had to sell their home, vehicles, and other assets to pay for the other person’s injuries.

Having the right level of coverage in place is the key to protecting yourself and your assets. Think of the minimal level of auto insurance for your region as a starting point only. Chances are, you will need to buy additional coverage to make sure that all the things you have worked so hard to acquire will stay in your hands if an accident happens.

Auto Insurance Regions: Understanding The Numbers

When someone refers to the minimum level of auto insurance by region or state, you will hear them say the name of the state and three numbers. The three numbers refer to bodily injury limits and the property damage limit. Here’s how they break down:

  • The minimum coverage required in Rhode Island is 25/50/25.
  • The first 25 refers to the maximum amount payable for injuries to an individual injured in an accident. In this case, it would be $25,000.00.
  • The middle number (50) is the maximum payable for injuries in any single accident, no matter how many people are injured. If two people were injured, they could each claim $25,000.00 in damages under the policy. If several people were injured or the injuries are severe, the $50,000.00 maximum won’t go very far. You may find yourself being sued for any additional damages.
  • The final number (25) is the amount set for property damage. In this state, the maximum payable is $25,000.00.

As you can see, the minimum level of auto insurance coverage by region will not give you the protection you need if a serious accident were to occur. You will be far better off paying a bit more to increase your level of coverage.

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