Can an Unmarried Couple Combine Auto Insurance

It is not uncommon, especially in an age where people are waiting to get married or other things prevent them from it, for unmarried couples to want to combine auto insurance. Of course, the question is: Can an unmarried couple combine auto insurance?

Combining Auto Insurance When Unmarried

It is possible for unmarried couples to combine auto insurance. In fact, roommates and siblings can also do the same thing. It will depend upon the particular insurance company as to whether they will permit it or not. However, if your company will not, you should not have trouble finding an insurance company that will. There are many considerations when combining auto insurance which must be researched and thought through before making the decision. It can be beneficial, but it can also be detrimental to your auto insurance rates.

Considerations When Combining Auto Insurance

Your situation will dictate the considerations you must face. Is there one car shared between the two of you or do you have two vehicles? If there is only one car, you can add the second driver to the policy. Insurance companies will have you name one person as the primary driver of a vehicle if one car; if two, then one will be the primary on one vehicle and the other the primary on the second vehicle. The reason is driving records affect the rates to insure a particular vehicle.

Benefits of Combining Auto Insurance

There are benefits from combining auto insurance even as an unmarried couple. While you will not get the marital discount that most companies offer, you can get the multiple vehicle discount if you have more than one car. There is also the simplicity of the matter—having to pay just that one bill each month. Also, if you are living in home that you own, you can bundle home and auto insurance to get a large discount on both policies.

Complications With Combining Auto Insurance

If you are on the same auto insurance policy with a person, you can be held responsible for their damages as well as your own. If your partner is at fault in a serious accident that caused damages beyond the liability portion of your policy, they may come after your assets to pay the remainder. Also, if one of you has a checkered driving record, it will affect the others rates. It may be cheaper to have separate policies so you are not both penalized for one’s record. In most cases, you must live in the same household to join policies, so if one of you leaves, you will probably have to make changes to the policy by removing a driver.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates to Find the Best Option

To help decide if combining auto insurance is the best decision, you can use online auto insurance quotes. Get the quotes with separate policies (or just combine what the two of you are paying now), then get quotes with both persons on the same policy. It is then simply a matter of looking at the figures. If your company does not allow unmarried couples to combine auto insurance policies, you can also use the quotes to find the best rate from among the companies that will. You can get started today by using our free rate quote tool to get the information you need.

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