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Car insurance reviews can be tricky. There are many reviews conducted each year and they will generally come up with different results. However, one of the most trusted and respected car insurance reviews is conducted each year by J.D. Power and Associates. To help you shop for auto insurance, it is a good idea to take a look at these ratings to get an idea of the quality insurance companies available.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rating process and the car insurance reviews of some of the leading car insurance companies across the nation.

Reviews and Ratings Process

Car insurance reviews are compiled by using several factors important to consumers of car insurance. J.D. Power uses the following elements in determining the final rating of an auto insurance company.


  • Contacting Insurer
  • Billing and Payment
  • Policy Offerings
  • Pricing
  • Overall Satisfaction

The ratings are determined through surveys of car insurance consumers and scores are based upon a five-star scoring system. The more stars, the higher the company ranks in a particular category according to those surveyed. In 2009, over 20,000 consumers were surveyed.

State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm, a well-known nationwide auto insurance provider received a very solid review. Their strongest point was in contacting the insurer, which includes the consumer’s experience getting in touch with local agents, call-centers, automated services and the company website. State Farm also earned four stars in billing and payment, policy offerings and overall satisfaction.

The Hartford

The Hartford’s car insurance reviews were fairly strong. They received three stars in overall satisfaction, though received their highest score (four stars) in pricing. In today’s economic climate, that certainly cannot be overlooked. The pricing ratings are not simply the cheapest rates, but the customer’s perceived cost based upon the given level of coverage they purchased—essentially, the value of the car insurance in the eyes of the consumer. The Hartford scored three stars across the board in the other areas used in the car insurance reviews.  

GEICO Auto Insurance

GEICO received high rankings in both policy offerings and price. This lead to an overall satisfaction score of three stars. The four stars that GEICO received for policy offerings is based upon their ability to provide customers a variety of coverage options. In addition, these options must satisfy the needs of the consumers who take advantage of these options.

Amica Mutual Auto Insurance

Amica Mutual was the winner of J.D. Power’s car insurance reviews for 2009. In fact, they have achieved the highest score in overall satisfaction for 10 consecutive years. Amica Mutual achieved five stars across all rating categories. From billing and payment, which includes the clarity, timeliness and accuracy of the billing and payment process, to pricing itself, Amica is the top dog once again.

Car insurance reviews are done to help you choose the best auto insurance company for you. This does not mean you should blindly go with the highest ranked company. You should include these rankings in your own research as you complete your own car insurance reviews. This way you will get the best auto insurance for you. 

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