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Experts Share How to Avoid Accidents

The Chubb Auto Insurance Company specializes in offering policies that go above and beyond, when policyholders are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. However, ultimately the ideal is to be accident-free forever. Statistics prove that accidents are inevitably caused in one of a few different ways. In order to protect yourself from harm, your vehicle from damage and your pocketbook from higher insurance premiums, it is in your best interest to learn how to avoid accidents.

In fact, most insurance companies will reward your safe driving record in some way. And yes, it’s usually a financial benefit such as a lower premium. While there are companies which focus on insuring those with poor driving records, you’ll be better off all around if you never enter that category to start with.

Focus on What You Are Doing

Pay attention when you are driving. Though it is impossible to get a percentage on how many accidents are caused by people paying less attention than necessary to driving, it’s estimated that more than half of accidents are caused by inattentive drivers. So, how can we avoid being distracted behind the wheel? Remember to avoid multi-tasking when you drive. Eating, drinking, playing with the radio, reading (yes reading), putting on make-up and getting upset with the kids are just a few of the activities that can momentarily distract us from driving and from paying attention to what other drivers around us are doing. Even though many of these items can be easily achieved while driving, the small distractions can add up to a lot of opportunities for accidents.

Keep Free of Distractions

One of the biggest distractions these days is cell phones. When driving, avoid talking on cell phones altogether. If you must talk, then use hands free devices to avoid taking both your attention and a hand off your main task. Between getting into heated discussions, using a hand or your chin to hold the phone and just getting distracted by an interesting conversation, there are a multitude of ways cell phones lead to distracted drivers and increased accident chances.

Avoid the Road on Certain Times

It’s a sure bet that there are certain times of the year that staying off the roads altogether helps to prevent getting into an accident. During the holidays, and especially on New Years Eve, are especially risky times for accidents. Also, during any holiday that typically involves parties, such as July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day are good times to stay at home. If you want to be particularly prudent, not driving very late at night will reduce your accident risk as well. These times tend to be when there are more drunk drivers on the road than usual, thereby increasing your chances of being in a serious accident.

Stay Prudent in Bad Weather

Weather is also a factor in car accidents. Whenever possible, avoid driving in snowy conditions, on icy roads, in fog and during heavy rainfalls. All of these weather conditions make the roads treacherous. Other drivers not compensating for the weather situations also create an additional hazard. The best thing to do if you must drive in bad weather is to slow your speed considerably, put on your hazard lights to increase visibility and be especially conscious of what the other vehicles around you are doing. In this way, you can reduce your risk of having an accident, till you can get safely off the road to wait out the weather.

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