Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

The best way to know you’re getting a good deal on your auto insurance quote is to compare the policies offered by several different companies. However, caution is advised: If you don’t do your homework or don’t make sure that the quotes from each company are similar, the whole process is totally flawed.


Even before you check with the first insurance company on their rates, you must understand the laws of your state when it comes to minimum insurance amounts. The minimum coverage drivers must carry is expressed in three figures in insurance policies. The first is bodily injury liability insurance per person, the second is bodily injury insurance per accident and the third is property damage liability insurance. If you don’t have the minimums in your state – and you can check with your state’s Insurance Department to get those amounts – you risk a costly ticket and the possibility of losing your insurance if you are caught by the police. Of course, you can insure your vehicle for more than the state minimums, and most experts recommend just that. Remember that lower coverage will mean cheaper premiums. But if you are in an accident, you will have to pay out of pocket for any amounts above your insurance company’s policy limits. Also make sure you have all the information on your car, including the exact make and model and its various features, including safety enhancements such as alarms and air bags. It’s important to know the exact make and model of your new car because insurance companies charge more money to insure cars that are popular with thieves or costly to repair. Insurance companies offer discounts for some safety features, and generally charge less if your vehicle has a good safety record or costs less to repair and maintain.


It may seem obvious, but even a small variation, such as the number of miles you expect to drive each year, can produce a different insurance quote. If all of your quotes don’t include the same number of miles you expect to drive a year, there’s no way to compare those policies. Don’t think that a question like where you park your car at night is just a throwaway. Some insurance companies reward drivers who keep their vehicles off the street or in a garage. To ensure a valid comparison between all companies, the auto insurance quotes for each company must include identical information. For example, be sure your policy’s deductibles – the amount you pay in the event of a claim before your insurance company takes over – are always the same amount. Higher or lower deductibles can greatly alter insurance costs. Lower deductibles mean less money out of your pocket and generally trigger high auto insurance premiums. Higher deductibles mean more money out of your pocket in every claim, though insurance companies will reward you with less expensive premiums. Once you are sure you are following state laws and have several police quotes that include identical information, you can begin the process of fairly comparing auto insurance policies. You can see which companies offer the best rates for the type of coverage you want. Remember that a cheap policy saves money now, but if you end up having to make a lot of insurance claims, the higher premiums you pay for more coverage will pay off. Please also be aware that some people use online websites to fool customers and conduct scams. If an insurance rate seems too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure every company you choose has a phone number you can call. You can also check out each company with the Better Business Bureau, and find out if they have a lot of complaints from consumer and how well they resolve the complaints they receive.

To begin comparing auto insurance quotes and find the best policy for you, use the Free Car Insurance Rate Finder tool at the top of the page.

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