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The news that Costco Auto Insurance Company has teamed up with Ameriprise is good news for consumers. Costco members can get quotes for their auto insurance in 38 states, and they can get Ameriprise benefits from being able to offer insurance products to Costco’s members (which adds up to more than 15 million households).

Ameriprise offers both standard and non-standard auto insurance coverage to consumers. Costco members could get substantial savings by buying their auto insurance through Ameriprise. Some members quality for a 20% savings over what they were paying for their auto insurance coverage in the past.

Get a Discount on Your Auto Insurance

You may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance through Costco if you have a good driving record or have purchased other insurance policies through Costco. Costco also offers home insurance. (As an added bonus for Costco home insurance customers, identity theft coverage is available at no extra charge.)

Making a Claim on Your Costco Auto Insurance

Like a number of other insurance providers, policyholders with Costco Auto Insurance can report an accident to the insurer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If repairs need to be made to the vehicle, the insured can take it to the repair facility of their choice.

To see what multiple Auto Insurance companies can offer you right now, type your zip code into the quote box at the top of the page.

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