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Dairyland Auto Insurance Company Helps High Risk Drivers

Dairyland Auto Insurance Company helps high risk drivers by offering them coverage when other companies may be reluctant to do so. The catch is that you will be likely to pay a higher rate for your insurance coverage.

Non-Standard Auto Insurance

If your insurer considers you to be a high-risk driver, then you may need to consider non-standard auto insurance coverage. One way to have the “high-risk driver” label put on you is to have a conviction for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) offense. You will also be designated as high-risk if you have a history of being involved in accidents or have made a number of claims on your policy.

In some situations, being convicted of a DUI offense also means that your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. If this happens to you, the suspension or revocation will appear on your driving record. This fact will certainly have an effect on the amount you will be paying for your insurance coverage.

Your age or the type of vehicle you drive may also mean that you are considered a less-than-ideal client by your insurance company. If you are a young person who has just recently qualified for a driver’s license, you may be considered a higher risk than someone who has a number of years of driving experience under their belt. Older drivers (aged 70 and up) are also at increased risk for being involved in accidents and, therefore, may be asked to pay higher premiums for their auto insurance.

Similarly, buying a sports car may also work against you as far as insurance coverage is concerned. Get behind the wheel of one of these, and you are looking at higher premium rates.

Motorcycle Insurance

Do you own a motorcycle? Then you are in luck! The Dairyland Auto Insurance Company also offers motorcycle insurance to its customers.

In much the same way as your choice of vehicle has an effect on your auto insurance premiums; you can expect to pay more if you are looking to insure a new motorcycle rather than an older model. Your level of experience is also considered. After you have been riding for a while, your rates will drop. If you have been driving a car for years but are new to riding a motorcycle, then you would be classified as a new driver for this policy.

Your driving record with your car also influences how much you will be charged for your motorcycle insurance premium. If you are a higher risk for your car insurance, be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket for your motorcycle coverage.

One thing you can do to try to get a lower rate for your motorcycle coverage is to take a class to learn how to operate the motorcycle safely. When you have completed it, produce your certificate to your insurer and ask that your premium be changed to reflect this fact.

If you happen to be classified as a higher risk driver, you are certainly not alone. There are insurance companies, including Dairyland Auto Insurance Company, who are able to offer you the insurance coverage you need.

Input your zip code into our quote box and find out what Dairyland Auto Insurance Company can offer you.

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