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Finding discount auto insurance—California is a matter of knowing how to find the most discounts and then to shop around to compare rates so you can find the most affordable option. It is rather simple, once you have the information needed, to understand where you can save. That is what the information below is intended to do. Give you the tools to find discount auto insurance California residents can expect to find as informed consumers.

Discount Auto Insurance California for Being a Good Customer

One of the biggest discounts you can get from an auto insurance company in CA is by being a good and loyal customer. What does this mean to them? It means having more than one vehicle on your policy—the multiple vehicle discount. It means having more than one line of insurance with the same company—bundling home, auto, boat and any other product you need. It also means renewing your policy over and over again. You may get a discount with your first renewal, but most companies give you a discount once you have been with them for at least 2 years and possibly a bigger one once you reach 5 years. Some insurers even give a discount every year.  

Discount Auto Insurance California Through Driver Education

One of the many ways to qualify for cheap auto insurance is to continue your driver education beyond what you get in high school to qualify for a drivers license. Whether you are a young driver or a very mature driver, you can benefit. Young drivers can qualify for what is generally called an inexperienced driver education discount. If you have been driving for less than 8 to 10 years, depending upon the insurance company, and have no at-fault accidents, you can receive a discount if you complete an approved driver safety course. For older drivers, usually over the age of 55, you must have taken a mature driver improvement course within the last 3 years to qualify for a mature driver education discount.

Discount Auto Insurance California for Young Drivers

If you are a student or you are a parent of a student who is getting ready to hit the road or is already driving, then you need to find a few ways to get discounts for what can be expensive auto insurance coverage. Young drivers can be expensive to insure, but if they show themselves to be responsible, they can find discount California auto insurance. An additional driver safety course was discussed above. The good student discount is a big one. It depends upon the insurer as to what is considered a good student, but if you get good grades, you should qualify.

Group Discount Auto Insurance California

Are you a social type of person? Are you involved in your community? Do you belong to quite a few groups and organizations? If so, then you may be able to take advantage to get discount auto insurance—California. Different auto insurance companies offer discounts to members of different groups. As just mentioned, student groups, such as college sororities and fraternities, get discounts from local and national insurers. Professional and social organizations get discounts from local and national insurers. Check with the groups you belong to and see if any have special deals with California car insurance companies. You may save as much as 10 percent, perhaps more. Some insurance companies offer discounts for being involved in certain student and school organizations.

Discount Auto Insurance California Via State Programs

California offers a program called the California low cost automobile insurance program (CLCA). The purpose of this program is to offer an “affordable auto insurance option to low-income drivers.” The coverage is for liability only insurance that meets only the state minimum requirements. Any additional car insurance you must find on your own, outside of the program. To qualify, you must have a household income that is 250% or less when compared to the federal poverty level. The annual premiums will depend upon which county you live in. Contact the California Department of Insurance for specific information.

Discount Auto Insurance California with Online Price Quotes

All of the above are great ways to help find discount auto insurance in California, but they do not work for everyone. There is one tip that can work for everyone—online auto insurance quotes. They allow you to compare rates of California car insurance companies that can sometimes vary as much as $400 or $500. That is an amazing savings if you find the cheapest option available that also offers quality coverage and customer service. Get your quotes online as they only take a few minutes. Not only that, but you can get quotes from several auto insurers at once. Can you think of a quicker, easier and cheaper way to find discount auto insurance California?

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