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green_florida-8720446 The discount auto insurance Florida companies offer to drivers is based upon many factors. While having a good driving record is the best thing you can do to keep your rates low, there is much more you can do to get cheap auto insurance and find the cheapest Florida auto insurance available. Take a few minutes to read through the information below and get ready to do some quick and easy comparison shopping.

Use Your Car to Get Discount Auto Insurance Florida

A great place to start getting discounts is with the vehicle or vehicles you are intending to insure. There are considerable differences from one vehicle to another when it comes to insurance costs. There are many variables to take into consideration when determining the cost to insure a specific vehicle. The value of the car is one variable, of course, but if you only have liability coverage, the car value doesn’t matter because there is no coverage for the vehicle. Other important characteristics are safety rating, security features, engine size, fuel efficiency and mileage. If you add additional safety and/or security features to the vehicle, you can get additional discounts. You should always get car insurance quotes for any vehicle you are thinking about buying or trading for. Insurance cost is an important part of figuring out the cost to own a specific vehicle.

You are Uniquely Worthy of Discount Auto Insurance Florida

There are certain personal characteristics you possess that can help you save some money. Discounts are given by auto insurance companies for things like your occupation, education, marital status, age and sex. Some insurance companies will give discounts for having a college degree. Certain career fields, depending on the insurer, can get you a discount. The most common are for those working for the government, doctors, scientists, farmers, teachers and engineers. Being married usually lowers your rates and having children will lower them still. If you have a good credit score, that will have a positive effect on your rates. A few extra years under your belt and you can save money. Also, women generally qualify for lower rates than men.

Smart Policy Choices Lead to Discount Auto Insurance Florida

You may not be aware of this, but the policy itself can be worth a few discounts, some of which are very substantial. The biggest discount comes when you bundle multiple policies with the same company. Most Florida auto insurance companies also sell home insurance, boat insurance, RV insurance, life insurance, personal property insurance and more. The more policies you have serviced with the same company, the more you can save on those policies. Another sizable discount is for having multiple vehicles on the same policy. Insure all vehicles in the household on one policy to get this discount. There are also loyalty/renewal discounts that most insurance companies offer. Stay with the company for a year and get a discount. Stick it out for another year and get an even bigger discount.

Small Considerations Make Discount Auto Insurance Florida Possible

There are a few small things you can do that will get you a few small discounts that can add up and, over time, become significant. Park your vehicle in a garage rather than on the street and you can get a discount on your comprehensive coverage. If you car pool a few times per week or take public transportation to work, you can save gas and some money on your car insurance premiums. The way you pay for auto insurance can also lead to savings. Paying in full rather than in monthly installments can save you about $60 per year. Having payments electronically debited on a schedule can also save you about $60 per year. Some companies will also give you a small discount (2 to 5 percent) if you make your purchase online.

Company Selection is Important for Discount Auto Insurance Florida

Florida auto insurance company selection is also a critical component of not only getting discount FL car insurance but getting the service you deserve. Be careful when shopping around because the cheapest option may not always be the best option. Research any company before agreeing to a policy. You want a company that will be there when you need them, will help you when filing a claim, will answer your questions quickly and honestly, and will not give you the run around. If you choose a company that offers you a discount for your job, offers other lines of insurance, has loyalty rewards in place and a strong history of good customer service in your area, then you probably have a winner.

Discount Auto Insurance Florida—Get Your Quotes!

The search for discount auto insurance—Florida is not complete without comparison shopping. This is not where you get on the phone and start making phone call after phone call. It doesn’t even require you to visit each individual website of the companies you are considering to get a single quote. You can get multiple quotes at once and in just a few minutes by using our free rate quote tool. The savings simply by comparing prices can be as much as several hundred dollars. The discount auto insurance Florida companies are willing to offer you can be found right here.

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