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Encompass Auto Insurance Company’s Experts Recommend Research Before Buying a Car

Encompass Auto Insurance Company specializes in multi-level auto insurance coverage, tailored policies to meet all your needs and making sure you make the right choice when you choose your next vehicle. Buying a vehicle is an important decision, and a big one for most people. It’s not something you’ll take lightly. So how do you decide on what car is best, besides the obvious factors like color, model and gas mileage? Insurance rates, and the statistics they’re based on, can help you make the best decisions when it comes to buying your next car, truck or van.

Things to Look For in Your Next Car

When looking for a vehicle that will ensure your good insurance rates, think safety. Any and all safety devices in cars are taken into consideration in determining price. Many safety components are factored in when rating a vehicle, which is why it is less expensive to insure a 4-door newer model sedan than to insure an older 2-door sports car. If you’re not sure or are trying to decide about a couple of different makes, check for the insurance rates on both. The difference in price may be enough to make the decision for you.

Also, make sure your insurer knows about any non-standard and standard safety features of the vehicle for which you may get extra discounts. Some features important enough to impact your rates are air bags, anti-theft devices, automatic seatbelts and anti-lock brakes. You may want to look specifically for cars with these features for added security and savings.

Are Some Cars Riskier?

Certain vehicles have statistically higher numbers of claims and higher claim costs. When preparing to buy a car, researching which vehicles have the best insurance ratings can save you a lot on premiums over the life of your vehicle. It will also give you a sense of security that you are driving a vehicle, which has been statistically seen to be safer than many of its counterparts. A simple internet search will reveal lists of the cars that insurance companies deem to be the least at-risk.

In addition to safety, the rate of theft on certain vehicles will increase your premiums. Be sure to ask insurers if there are models they recommend you avoid due to high theft rates. Of course, anti-theft devices will always work in your favor.

Time and Cost in the Shop

Cars that are less expensive to repair will also be less expensive to insure. This may be a good reason to avoid that luxury vehicle, especially as your main vehicle. Using your least costly vehicle to insure as your car that gets the most mileage is very helpful. The luxury or antique vehicle will need the insurance savings that driving fewer miles per year will give it.

Statistically speaking family vehicles like vans, station wagons and sedans with tons of safety features are the way to go if you are looking to buy a vehicle that will be less expensive to insure. Faster cars, geared to be sporty, tend to appeal to higher risk drivers and hence have a higher insurance rating. So if rising insurance premiums concern you, stay out of the fast lane, both on the road and in the choice of car you drive. Proof of your cautious driving habits will benefit your premiums.

To get the best policy possible for your next car or the ones you already have, go to theAuto Insurance home page and enter your zip code to begin the quote process.

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