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How to Find an Auto Insurance Agent You Can Depend On

So, you are trying to find an auto insurance agent and auto insurance company that you can depend on when you have a problem. We all know that this can seem to be a daunting task. How can you cut through all of the red tape and quickly find an agent that will give you the personal attention that you deserve? Here are a few pointers to help lessen the stress of looking for an insurance agent.

Ask around!

Often the best way to find a good insurance agent is to simply ask your friends and family who they prefer to use. This way you will have an inside track into any problems they may have encountered with a particular agent or company. There are several points you will want to ask about:

Customer Service

While many people may consider customer service to be less important than premium cost or coverage, customer service should be at the top of the priority list when choosing an insurance agent. You will want to make certain that your agent will make time for you when you need him and will act quickly in the event of an accident or other problem. You will also want to be sure that you can build a trusting relationship with your agent. When you are dealing with a problem, you want to be able to hand it to your agent and not worry about it again.

Policy Coverage

When it comes to finding an insurance agent, you want to choose an agent that is willing and able to explain your coverage options and conditions in a way that makes it easy for you to understand. Find out about details such as glass coverage or theft coverage so that you will be prepared for any future claims. Ask questions, as many as you need to, and take note of the agent’s response. Are they patient and understanding or do they answer you with a tone that leaves you feeling like you disturbed their day? Always search for an agent that treats you as his top priority!

Premium Costs

This one is a biggie! A prime factor in choosing your insurance agent is how well he or she can provide you with the coverage you need at a premium price that you can afford. Insurance premiums are always rising, so be sure that you can trust your agent to provide you with a fair premium. Remember that your premium is your agent’s commission, so you are in effect “employing” your agent. Since you are the one writing the check, you are also the one who is entitled to a fair deal at a reasonable price. Find an agent who understands that he or she works for you and your premium costs have to be affordable if he wants to keep you as a customer.

The top three points to consider when choosing your agent are customer service, policy coverage and premium costs. To begin to find an auto insurance agent for your needs, just enter your zip code into the box provided both at the top of this page or on our home page, and click on the button that says “Go!”

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