Florida Auto Insurance

Before you begin your search for the best Florida auto insurance, there are a few basics you should understand. These facts will allow you to better judge your Florida auto insurance needs, as well as your own responsibility when it comes to having the proper amount of auto insurance for Florida.

1. Florida Auto Insurance Mandatory Minimums

As with most other states, Florida requires a minimum amount of auto insurance to be purchased for each vehicle you own. In Florida, the mandatory minimum requirements are liability insurance that offers $10,000 per person for bodily injury, up to $20,000 for bodily injury per accident. In addition, you must have $10,000 worth of liability insurance for property damage.

2. Florida is a No-Fault Auto Insurance State

A no-fault state means that the individuals involved in an auto accident are responsible for their own damages. Because of this, Florida residents must also purchase what is called PIP insurance or Personal Injury Protection of at least $10,000 to help pay for medical bill, lost wages and death benefits.

PIP insurance will protect you no matter if you are not the driver and even if your car is not involved in an accident, but you are.

3. Florida Auto Insurance is the 10th Most Expensive in the Nation

This means that you will be looking at higher auto insurance rates than most of the country, but it does not mean you cannot save money. The numbers are averages based upon all policy types and all drivers across the state. Some policy types are more expensive than others, some areas of Florida offer cheaper auto insurance and not all drivers present the same amount of risk.

Because the prices, on average, may be a little higher, you will have to take advantage of the discounts you may qualify for. In addition, flex your muscles as a consumer and get price quotes from as many Florida auto insurance companies as possible until you feel comfortable choosing the right Florida auto insurance for you and your budget.

4. Penalties for not Carrying Florida Auto Insurance

If you do not have Florida auto insurance for a vehicle that you own and operate, there will be some rather severe penalties. If you are caught driving a vehicle without the proper Florida auto insurance, your license may be suspended for up to 3 years. In addition to this, once the suspension period is over you may have to pay a fine in the range of $150 to as high as $500 (depending upon your previous history of this type of infraction).

Not only will these penalties imposed by the state seriously inconvenience you, it will be more difficult for you to get Florida auto insurance once the license is returned to you. Some auto insurance companies may refuse to offer you insurance and others will charge you much more in auto insurance premiums.

5. Look for Florida Auto Insurance Discounts After you Get your Quotes

When you are searching for Florida auto insurance, it is a great idea to gather as many auto insurance rate quotes as possible. The most convenient method to do this is by using online applications to gather multiple rate quotes at once. This will save you time but still allow you to compare prices. Keep in mind that these are simply estimations and generally will not take into consideration all available discounts you may qualify for.

When you fill out an online application for Florida auto insurance quotes, you give out only a specific amount of information. Your auto insurance quote will be based upon that information which may or may not be complete. There could be other bits of information that may qualify you for additional auto insurance discounts to further lower the rate quote: things such as your membership in organizations such ASCE, AAA or if you are a student on the honor roll.

Don’t hesitate to contact prospective Florida auto insurance companies after you get an online rate quote to see which additional auto insurance discounts you may be eligible for.

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