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Is That Gecko Telling the Truth about Auto Insurance?

The Geico Auto Insurance Company is famous for the very classy gecko lizard that promotes their insurance and their quirky TV ads. Their biggest selling point, however, is their claim to save you up to 15% on your auto insurance. Geico operates primarily online and a quick trip to their website should be able to tell us if that lizard knows his stuff about insurance.

What about the Website?

The first thing you’ll notice about Geico’s website is its simplicity. The home page stars that lovable little reptile that has become so synonymous with the insurance giant that when you “Google” the word gecko an advertisement for Geico tops the page. The home page offers a quote finder, a user login box, information on claims and links to informational articles on motorcycle insurance and military discounts on insurance. Other than that, there is a simple menu board across the top of the page with links to the rest of the site. This clear and concise home page eliminates much of the confusion on other insurance sites and gives the definite impression that the site will be easy to navigate.

Geico’s site offers easy to understand information on different types of coverage which makes it easy to decide what coverage you want and what you can do without. You can also enter in your information and Geico will send you out an information package by snail mail; this includes a video that will answer all of your questions about various Geico products.

The site has an Information Center to answer your questions. Included is a glossary of insurance terms which can be very helpful in understanding the various options available for your insurance needs, discounts, payment options, auto and motorcycle safety information and other handy information and tools. There’s even a coverage calculator designed to help you determine the coverage you need based on your answers to a few questions.

Is an instant quote instant?

The instant quote feature on Geico is very convenient to use. It asks standard questions about driver information and insurance needs and quickly provides a quote, usually in about 15 minutes. The quote system is categorized as to what type of insurance you are seeking, be it auto, motorcycle, RV, or other types of insurance such as home, flood, etc. The auto insurance quote feature will save you time and frustration when looking for auto insurance. It is simple and straightforward; however, when I typed in the wrong vehicle information and had to return to a place several pages earlier there was no quick and easy way to do this. I had to use my browser’s back feature page by page to find the spot where I needed to make the change.

Apart from that minor issue, the quote feature was easy to use and very fast. I received an email from Geico before I had barely finished the process with my quote. The one quote feature I didn’t see on Geico’s site that some other insurance companies provide is the ability to compare prices with other agencies right from the site. However, when I compared with other companies, Geico was indeed less expensive than several other popular companies.

Does the Gecko Speak the Truth about Geico?

The little guy lives up to his reputation as a class act and seems to be speaking the truth about Geico, at least from a short online visit. If you would like to receive quotes from competing Auto Insurance Companies, just key your zip code into the box at the top of the page and press “Go!”

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