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The Expert Insurers at Hartford Auto Insurance Company Explain National Ratings System

There are many national rating institutions that are responsible for rating auto insurance companies, including Hartford Auto Insurance Company. This is a regulation system put in place as an attempt to keep prices fair for consumers. There are many reasons why you could end up paying less for insurance coverage than another person with the same auto insurance company.

Is Your Auto Insurance Company Up to Par?

If you drive, auto insurance is one of the most important purchases you can make. Is your auto insurance company able to protect the personal assets of you and your family if you are ever involved in a serious accident? Is the auto insurance company you use financially stable? This is a very important thing to consider. But many consumers that shop for auto insurance fail to do so. If you become involved in a serious accident, it is very important that your company have the ability to pay for any future claims or benefits that could arise. If you cannot, the financial burden will fall directly onto you.

Is Your Auto Insurance Company Financially Sound?

An auto insurance company’s financial strength is rated as part of a comprehensive review of the many risks that could affect the company’s long-term ability to provide dependable, efficient service to its policyholders. Consumers should be aware that there have been actual cases of auto insurance companies that have completely shut down their operations as a result of serious financial instability, market competition or their inability to keep up with industry trends and changes.

Consumers mainly worry about their ability to find an auto insurance company with rates they can afford. While finding an affordable premium is important, so is making sure the company you choose has a stable financial background. There are several questions you should ask when considering a company for auto insurance coverage.

Questions to Ask about Potential Auto Insurance Companies

First, have you ever heard of the company you are considering as your auto insurance provider? Have you had any experience with them? Have any of your friends, co-workers or family members had experience with this company? Are you aware of he company’s reputation? Is the company’s claims service in-house or outsourced? Auto insurance was designed to protect your personal assets and protect you from liability. You want peace of mind with the service you select, especially if there ever comes a time where you need to file a claim. You should be able to trust and depend on your auto insurance provider to manage your claims properly.

So many consumers overlook the financial stability of an auto insurance company when shopping for their insurance. It is equally important to be aware of your company’s rating and level of consumer satisfaction. Insurance companies issue a quarterly report that can be viewed by the public. Past performance of a company is a good indication of what you can expect in the future. Another important consideration used when rating a company is the length of time they have been in business. If you are dealing with a brand new company, you could be taking a serious risk. Look for a company whose history shows good performance.

What’s Their Reputation?

Inquire about an auto insurance company’s reputation by asking the people around you. They can share their own personal experiences with you that could help you make a more informed decision. Check out their standing with the Better Business Bureau. Each state has a Department of Insurance that has public information available about several auto insurance companies. You can also go online to visit Standard & Poor’s ratings at http://www.standardandpoors.com , or Fitch Ratings at http://www.fitchratings.com to view the financial ratings of several auto insurance companies including a detailed financial company profile on up to 4000 companies.

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