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The rates you pay for Houston auto insurance will depend greatly on several factors. While there are many factors used to calculate your rates, the following will be of the most importance.

Your History

This includes your driving history and your credit history. Clean driving records and a high credit score will qualify you for the cheapest rates on any policy. A few spots on your driving and credit record will not cost you too much, but the cleaner your history, the more you can expect to save.

The Vehicle

The vehicle you insure has several risk factors associated with it. An expensive to repair car that is fast and coveted by thieves will be the most expensive to insure. If you find a vehicle that is cheap to repair, offers good gas mileage and is not considered a risk due to theft or excessive speed, your premiums will be lower.


Location refers to where your car is garaged. This means the address as well as how it is parked. If you live in a high crime area, you will pay more. Parking in a garage or driveway will cost you less than if you have to park your car on the street. Additionally, since you live in a major city, you can expect to pay a bit more for Houston auto insurance due to the higher cost of living and congested traffic.

You can save money on Houston auto insurance by comparison shopping with online rate quotes. A few minutes can save you hundreds of dollars per year.  

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