How Do I Calculate Auto Insurance General Damage Payments?

Dealing with an auto insurance claim and the damages therein can be a real headache if your auto insurance company is giving you the run around. Even if they are not, you still have to prove damages in order to receive timely payment. One thing you will need to know in order to do so is how do I calculate auto insurance general damage payments?

What are Auto Insurance General Damage Payments?

General damage payments when related to auto insurance claims generally refer to medical and/or psychological issues related to an auto accident in which you are involved. The definition of general damage is anything that cannot be measured or weighed. Pain and suffering is a common general damage variable. This goes beyond the medical bills or property damage incurred. For instance, if the auto accident causes you to not be able to perform your job temporarily or permanently, you may be able to get general damage payments.

Have Your Own Auto Insurance General Damage Estimates

There are numerous ways to calculate payments and they will depend a great deal on the state in which you live and the car insurance company with which you are dealing. In some cases, it may have to go before a mediator or even a judge to determine a fair amount. In some cases, a flat fee is determined. In other cases, a percentage of the medical and property damages are used to come up with an agreeable number. Before you agree on any number or seek mediation, you need to do your own calculations.

Calculating Auto Insurance General Damage Payments

Each situation is different, but the simple guideline is to think of any expense or lack of earning power that now exists that didn’t before your auto accident. Think about lost wages, prescription medications, any type of device that must be purchased to help you live your daily life such as breathing machines, wheel chairs and even remodeling your home to make it handicapped accessible. When calculating auto insurance general damage payments, you want to include all these types of things if they are the result of the accident.

Limits to Auto Insurance General Damage Payments

You will probably find that there is a limit to the amount you can claim for general damage payments. These limits may be defined by your state’s auto insurance laws and or by your auto insurance policy. Before you begin your calculations, be aware of this limit. You also want to pay special attention to any other requirements necessary to file auto insurance general damage claims. Don’t let the paper work and red tape derail you from getting what you deserve.

Auto Insurance Rates After Filing a General Damages Claim

If you end up seeking out and getting general damage payments from your auto insurance company, you will probably then be in a situation where cheap rates are not very likely. If this does occur, you will need to take some time to shop around to see where you can find the best deal. As your rates rise, saving money becomes more and more important. Take a few minutes to get auto insurance quotes, and you may find a car insurance company that is a bit more forgiving of your auto insurance general damage payments. You can use our free rate quote tool to get your quotes right now, so find the best bargain today!

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