How Long Does a No Auto Insurance Conviction Last?

Virtually every state has minimum auto insurance requirements. Going without auto insurance is not only illegal in most states, but it is also not a smart financial decision. You may have recently found that out and are now wondering how long does a no auto insurance conviction last? You may also wonder what this will do to your driving record and future auto insurance premiums.

Penalties for Not Having Auto Insurance

The penalties for not having car insurance vary state-by-state as well as case-by-case. You may only have to pay a fine. You may have to pay a fine and have points put on your driving record; this is the most common punishment. There are more serious punishments such as suspension of driver’s license, car impoundment, even jail time for repeat offenders. There is also the penalty that can come if you are in an accident and are at-fault. You will be responsible for property damage and medical bills and could easily find yourself on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Getting Caught Driving Without Auto Insurance

Some drivers think they can get away with driving uninsured, but it will only be a temporary reprieve. Your state’s DMV and auto insurance companies within your state do communicate. If your insurance expires, your car insurance company will contact the DMV and they will register your vehicle as uninsured and send you a letter. If a cop runs your license for any reason, it will show up as uninsured and he will stop you. If you have a vehicle loan, you are most likely required to have a certain level of car insurance. Your insurance company may also contact your lender when insurance expires without renewal and the lender may then call in the balance of your loan.

No Auto Insurance Conviction and Your Premiums

The exact effect that driving without insurance will have on your premiums varies, mostly from company to company. It also depends on whether you are a first time offender. You can expect to pay more for auto insurance if you have a lapse in coverage. Some companies penalized it about the same as if you had a driving without a seatbelt conviction, while others take it more seriously.

How Long a No Auto Insurance Conviction Lasts

When talking about how long the no auto insurance conviction will last, you are really talking about how long the points stay on your record. This is determined by the state in which you live. In some states it may stay on as long as 6 years. States like Michigan only 2 years. You can visit your state’s DMV website or the Department of Insurance to find out exactly how long it will stay on your record in your state. During the time it is on your record, your rates can and probably will be affected by it.

Shop Around to Reduce Auto Insurance Rates

Your position of having a no auto insurance conviction dictates that you must shop around for auto insurance in order to save the most money. Rates vary significantly even for those with perfect driving records, so shopping around is important to find the company that will be the most lenient toward your no auto insurance conviction. Feel free to use our free rate quote tool today to see where you can save the most money on your auto insurance.

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