Keeping Automobile Insurance Premiums Down for a Teenager

The time has come. Finally, you are 16 and your parents have agreed to let you get your driver’s license whenever you get your practice driving hours in. You think to yourself “I’m a good enough driver. I don’t know why I need 50 practice hours anyway! Driving is so easy.” A few weeks later you approach your parents about getting that seemingly elusive license because you only have 2 hours left of driving before you can officially get it. But for some strange reason your parents have started to back out on you. You persist and tell them that they promised and you have waited! Then they look you in the eye and tell you that your automobile insurance will cost too much if you get your license at 16. You promise to do anything to lower your automobile insurance costs. Here are some practical ways to lower those costs and parents can help!

Ideas for Teenage Drivers

First of all, you want to establish a good driving record. Know the fundamentals of driving and get good at them, no matter what. Be sure to follow traffic signs, including that “oppressive” speed limit sign and that “pesky” octagonal red sign. Take them seriously, because the law enforcement does. Another way is to drive defensively. Do your best to use your blinker as permission instead of forcing your way in. Try not to cut people off and avoid the temptation to race others because your car can beat theirs. Finally, just simply do not get traffic citations. Sounds easy, right? It can be if you follow the first 2 suggestions. However, traffic citations as a teen will drive your costs to places your parents do not want to see them go. Do yourself the favor and be careful.

Another way to lower automobile insurance costs would be to earn good grades at school. Amazingly enough, that Algebra II grade does matter in real life. If you can keep a B average or above, many insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance premiums. Some companies will give as much as 35% off your costs. That will make your parents happy.

Yet one more way to avoid high costs would be to drive a trustworthy car. Do yourself and your parents a favor and do not demand a sports car as your first car. You may want horsepower but your insurance company is going to spike your costs way up! Not a good idea. You may not like that old car now, but wait a few years until your insurance rates have lowered and your driving record is clean and established. Then go for a new sporty car. Parents, this is where you can help your teenager plan for the future by avoiding mistakes now. You may feel your teenager is trustworthy enough for the car he wants, but insurance companies do not feel the same way and you will see that reflected in your premiums.

Ways that Parents of Teenage Drivers Can Help

Do your best to teach your children good driving habits. Your children have watched, studied, and analyzed your driving habits for most of their life. Set a good example for your teen so that you can point to your driving and encourage them to drive like you.

Be careful not to teach your child road rage or offensive driving. The best way to help them is by encouraging them to obey the law without nagging.

You can limit the number of distractions your teenage driver has by limiting the number of passengers in the vehicle. Although some teenagers may want to impress their friends by being a safe and conscientious driver, most teens choose the opposite way. So limit their passengers.

Do not force your teenagers to drive in traffic conditions that they are not prepared for. They need to learn sometime but ease them into it and reinforce them with positive encouraging words that give them confidence in their ability.

Although it may be difficult, stay calm in the passenger’s seat while your teenager is driving. Raising your voice or using sudden jerky motions will only worsen your teenager’s nervousness and cause them to panic. Do your part as the parent and constrain your responses as your teenager learns.



Although your teenager will undoubtedly start with higher premiums than is desired, following these tips may bring your premiums down faster. Teenager, do yourself a favor and follow these tips. You will not regret it when you get your dream car sooner because your driving record was clean. Put your zip code into the box on the top of this page right now and we’ll give you an instant auto insurance quote!

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