Review of Top Auto Insurance Companies

If you’re looking for reliable and low-cost auto insurance, it will definitely be worth your while to spend some time understanding the auto insurance industry, and making a review of the top auto insurance companies. This will help you make the right decision.

The list that is published here provides just a brief overview of each player, and should not be taken as a suggestion or recommendation for any one company.

Do some additional research on your own – the nternet provides a wealth of information and can offer you multiple sources on which you can base your decision.


This company is regarded as one of the top insurance companies in the US. It offers flexible insurance coverage, a wide array of insurance products and services, and boasts of easy claims policy. Regardless of which state you live in and what car you drive, the Ensurance suite of products offers you solid auto insurance coverage that is reasonably priced.

Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance is yet another top insurance company that’s known for its round the clock service. Having an agent or broker available 24/7 makes this the top choice for many drivers.

Progressive Insurance has an online registering facility that enables you to get a quote quickly and also lets you compare prices. These options combined with a reliable and dependable product makes this an option to seriously consider when you’re shopping for auto insurance.

GEICO Direct

The Government Employees Insurance Company Direct has been in the insurance business since 1936. It was the first company to sell directly to customers without the help of agents.

This and many other practices of the company help to keep costs down, and in turn, enable the company to offer customers low-cost products that are high on quality.

21st Century Insurance

This insurance company offers customers a wide range of features which include liability coverage, bodily injury coverage, collision coverage, medical payments, and additional equipment coverage for equipment like DVD players and audio equipment, towing and labor coverage, and full uninsured motorist coverage among others.

With such a wide array of options to choose from, 21st Century Insurance allows you to customize your insurance cover to suit your needs. This enables you to keep your costs under control, while enjoying the benefits of multiple products.

Comparison Market

Considered by industry experts to be one of the top independent, online auto insurance companies, Comparison Market is also one of the Top 10 auto insurance companies in the US. The fact that the company is Internet based allows the customer to compare several policies and providers at the same time, and make a choice from a wide selection.

American Automobile Association

American Automobile Association has been one of the top options for auto insurance over the years. From providing roadside assistance to travel planning, and even travel help to its members for a modest fee, this insurance company goes all out in providing quality service to its members.

You can become a member even if you already have insurance cover from a different company. In fact, having an AAA membership gives you additional security and peace of mind when you’re motoring and when you’re not. The company also offers a number of financing and other car services.

Hagerty Insurance

This is a specialist insurance company that provides cover for classic and collector cars and boats. If you have a rare or exotic collector’s car or boat that you would like to get additional cover on, then this is the company for you.

The company understands and caters to your unique needs. It has a number of features that include agreed value coverage, flexible use and 24 hour roadside help.

There is even a policy for covering large collections of cars. Hagerty Insurance even organizes events for owners of classic cars. Having an auto insurance company like Hagerty’s ensures that you can drive your classic car around with total peace of mind and know that help is available all the time, wherever you are.

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