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When do you really truly know that it is time to surrender your keys… for good? Is there really a certain age that marks the end of your driving career? Over 183,000 drivers in Massachusetts alone are over the age of 80. Many drivers surrender to not driving at night because of their eyesight, but what about giving up day driving too? Age really does impact your automobile insurance rates.

It has been well said that driving is not about your age but your ability. With an aging United States’ population, the question of age and driving should be discussed in detail. Studies have been done and statistics have been posted for all to see.

Almost half of the fatal crashes involving persons 80 years and older happen at intersections with multiple cars involved. This statistic is compared to those up to age 50 who only saw 23% of fatal crashes involve multiple cars in an intersection.

Drivers over the age of 75 have higher fatal crash rates than any other grouping except teenagers.

Around 13% of the country’s population in 1999 was ages 65 and older. About 17% of all vehicle deaths in 1999 were also in this age bracket. By 2030, the elderly are estimated to make up about 20% of the United States’ population.

Elderly often times have difficulty sorting out a difficult traffic situation thus involving multiple cars. Also the elderly are more likely to receive traffic citations for running stop signs and red lights, turning improperly, and failing to yield to oncoming traffic. These statistics do not mean that any one over the age of 75 should give up their car and license. Nor can automobile insurance agencies deny anyone automobile insurance based on age.

With these statistics in mind, consider the risk that elderly drivers may present. Rates may increase or they may decrease. Automobile insurance for an elderly person may have mandatory doctor’s visits in order to keep the driver’s license. Insurers take many factors into account such as: the make and model of the car, safety features in the vehicle, miles on the odometer, the amount of miles driven per week or per month, number of traffic violations and recent accidents, and the years of driving experience.

Often seniors will receive discounts on their insurance premium if safety features like anti-locks brakes, airbags, seat belts and anti-theft systems are installed in the car. Other factors that may lower the premium would be that often those over the age of 75 are retired or headed toward retirement. No longer will the insured driver need to drive hours weekly to get to and from work. The amount of driving that a person over age 75 does will determine the type of coverage that is bought. If retirement to you means traveling, then looking into a more thorough coverage is a great idea.

Usually, seniors will tend to stay with the insurance company they have been with all their life. However, when entering into retirement, the lifestyle usually changes to fit a lifestyle with a fixed income. No longer are certain premiums needed. Life has changed and so has the need for certain types of automobile insurance. Although keeping the habit of paying a certain insurance company is comfortable, looking into alternative insurance providers for seniors is a wise idea. Some insurance companies offer great insurance that is tailored to the needs and lifestyle of seniors. Take your time searching for the right automobile insurance. The internet is a great tool for shopping for insurance. Take advantage of these available resources. While shopping for insurance, take into account the statistics of drivers over the age of 65 and the risks that are caused. Although searching for more affordable automobile insurance, do not make the mistake of buying the bare minimum for insurance.


The amount of automobile insurance and the certain types of coverage lose their necessity as someone is aging. While senior drivers can be a great risk on the road, they also can find many benefits at their insurance companies. Search around for the right type of automobile insurance that fits the senior’s needs whether that includes large amounts of traveling or no traveling at all. Be sure to utilize the internet for shopping for good quotes and premiums.

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