State Farm Auto Insurance Company Review

State Farm Auto Insurance Company is probably one of the better known auto insurance companies across the country. They have a reputation for great customer service and competitive rates. They offer a comprehensive website that allows you to find out more about State Farm, or you can request a quote right online. I decided to try out the quote feature to see how user friendly it was.

Can I Get A Quote?

You can get a quote for your auto insurance right at the website in about 15 minutes or so. Be sure to have your driver’s license number and your vehicle information, including the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. You can find your VIN right on your title, with the rest of your vehicle’s specific information. Once you have gathered what you need, you will be on your way to an auto insurance quote in no time at all. Of course, if you want to view quotes from many different companies and agents side by side then be sure and use our free car insurance quote tool at the top of the page.

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

The site asks for your personal information, including your social security number. Your insurance quote is based partially on your credit rating, so to get an accurate quote, your SSN is necessary. The website is secured and your information is safe, but if you are concerned with providing sensitive information over the Internet, you can call the 1-800 number, or you can meet with an agent in your local area.

I noted on my quote request that I had just purchased a used vehicle and did not yet have insurance on it. I was disappointed to find that the quote request was unable to give me any kind of quote and that I needed to call an agent. The quote process only took a few minutes, however, and would likely be very convenient if you have typical information.

What Information Is Available Online?

The website contains a lot of insurance information, answering nearly every question I came up with. It readily explains the different types of car insurance such as liability insurance, personal injury protection, coverage for medical payments, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist protection, as well as rental reimbursement and emergency road service.

State Farm thoroughly explains what impacts the cost of auto insurance, such as the coverage you buy, the deductibles, the type of car you have and your driving record, when and where you drive, age, sex and marital status and credit history. You can put in the state in which you live and the site will list the types of discounts that are available in your state. Some of these include good driver discounts, good student discounts, defensive driving course discounts, discounts for multiple vehicles or multiple types of State Farm Insurance, discounts for purchasing a vehicle that is not in the top vehicles that experience high loss rates.

What Are The Strengths Of State Farm Auto Insurance?

State Farm Insurance Company has a long standing reputation for fair rates and good service. It is available in all 50 states and in Canada. The company also sells other types of insurance such as homeowner´┐Żs insurance, rental insurance, health, disability, long-term care insurance and more. If you purchase more than one type of insurance, you can receive premium discounts. State Farm maintains high financial strength ratings and receives extremely high ratings for financial soundness and security. This is reassuring and testifies to their excellent reputation.

They offer a Learning Center on the site, which is filled with informative articles on a wide variety of insurance and safety questions. The company obviously prides itself on providing accurate and thorough information to its customers and to anyone seeking insurance information.

From a 20 minute perusal of State Farm’s website, it appears as though they have earned their reputation and can easily provide quality insurance with excellent customer service. You can contact State Farm agents by email, snail mail, online, on the phone or in person.

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