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Tips for Getting the Best Possible Quote on Teen Automobile Insurance

You are excited and apprehensive about your teenager driving. In addition to worrying about your teen running late or the possibility of him driving unsafely or encountering unsafe drivers, you are also worried about the costs of automobile insurance. There is no question that new drivers are expensive to insure. However, a number of factors determine the price of an auto insurance policy and there are things you can do to decrease the cost of insuring your teen driver. Insurance companies consider personal attributes of your child, the type of vehicle your child drives, and safety considerations when determining a price for automobile insurance. So how can these factors work best for you to obtain the most reasonable quote?

The Personal Attributes of Your Child

Many insurance companies will reward students who show a sense of community in volunteer work. Often this is verified by the teen being a participant in a group which actively serves the community. Insurance companies also offer discounted automible insurance rates to students who maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher.

The Vehicle Influences Your Teen’s Automobile Insurance Rates

Teen automobile insurance rates are generally more reasonable when teens are driving less valuable cars that have good safety features. Mid-size vehicles that have strong crash tests and feature safety equipment such as anti-lock brakes can be less expensive to insure. Certain car models are less expensive to insure because they have standard safety features or have low theft rates. In contrast, vehicles which are sporty or have a strong likelihood of encouraging speeding because of their style and exceleration capabilities are likely to be more costly to insure. You will also need to decide whether your teen will have access to driving all the family cars or whether he will just be driving his own vehicle. This will help you decide whether to add your teenager to your automobile insurance policy or whether to create a new policy.

Driver’s Education can reduce Teen Automobile Insurance

A new driver who has completed an on the road driving school program can qualify for a reduction in automobile insurance rates. Some insurance companies give credit for a defensive driving class as well. These can be taken in the classroom or online.

Occasional Driver versus Principal Driver

An occasional driver is less costly to insure than a principal driver, but each state defines an occasional driver differently. Some states identify an occasional driver by the number of hours he drives or the percentage of miles he puts on the car. Other states consider the frequency per week that the vehicle is driven. Usually an occasional driver cannot live in the household, but given the frequency of two home households it may be beneficial to be aware of the occasional driver option as some teens may qualify.

Reinforce Safe Driving Habits to Retain a Lower Insurance Rate

Furthermore, even after your teen gets his license, it is important to reinforce good driving habits. Drive with your teenager on occasion and encourage him to stay within appropriate speed limits, obey traffic signals, and avoid multi-tasking such as talking on the phone while driving. Try to set an example for competent, safe driving since children emulate their parents.

Now that you know more about possible discounts and options for teen automobile insurance, you are ready to begin shopping for it. For your convenience, try the Free Auto Insurance Rate Finder tool at the top of the page to find a competitve rate quickly and easily.

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