What is the Best Car Insurance for Low Income Families

Low income families have to learn how to prioritize and find ways to pay for the essentials. This is no surprise to you, but it is worth mentioning when it comes to finding the best car insurance for low income families. The reason is that it is very easy to be over insured, so it is important to prioritize the coverage you absolutely need and cut out the rest.

Liability Car Insurance for Low Income Families

The best car insurance for those on a tight budget begins with liability coverage. Check with the Department of Insurance of your state to find out all state requirements for auto insurance. The requirements for liability coverage will often be low, so, even though you are on a tight budget, consider upping those limits to 100/300/100. A good idea is to get quotes for the required amount and then compare those quotes with the quotes for the 100/300/100 recommendation to see how much it will add to your policy. The additional coverage could be worth the money.

Avoid Collision and Comprehensive Car Insurance

Liability coverage on its own will probably be more expensive than collision and comprehensive coverage, but liability will be required, whereas collision and comprehensive may not. You can keep your costs low if you do not have to purchase collision and comprehensive coverage. Keep this in mind if you are shopping for a vehicle. In order to not have collision and comprehensive, you need to avoid a car loan. Find a cheap vehicle that you can pay for in full and you will not have to add coverage for the vehicle itself to your policy.

Avoid Unnecessary Car Insurance Coverage

You need to make the right choices when it comes to other types of coverage available with your car insurance. Your state may require personal injury protection, uninsured motorist protection or medical payments coverage. If it does not, then avoid these coverage areas. They can be helpful, but are not necessary if you are on a budget. Also, if you have health insurance, you have no need for personal injury protection or medical payments coverage.

Keep Your Car Insurance Policy Simple

Many auto insurance companies will add lots of bells and whistles to a policy to make it sound better and to add a few dollars to the cost of the policy. While searching for the best car insurance for low income families, look out for these bells and whistles; you don’t need them. All you need a simple policy with straight forward coverage. Look out for OEM parts replacement, rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance or any other special programs the insurance company may charge you for.

Use Car Insurance Quotes Religiously

Car insurance quotes will be your best ally when looking for the best car insurance for families on a budget. The quotes are free, important in itself, but they allow you to quickly compare prices so you don’t pay more than you have to for the coverage you need. You can get as many quotes as you like as often as you like, so use them anytime you think a better deal may be out there for you. Once you have your policy whittled down to only what you need, get a group of car insurance quotes to help you find the best auto insurance for low income families.

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