Who Has the Best Auto Insurance Rates

Trying to find out who has the best auto insurance rates is a process most auto insurance shoppers have as their primary goal. If you are looking for a specific answer that will fit every one and every circumstance, you will be disappointed. However, if you want the information that will help you find out who will offer you the best auto insurance rates, then you have come to the right place.

The Best Auto Insurance Rates are Constantly Changing

It’s best to get the blanket statement out of the way quickly. The best auto insurance rates do not come from one company all the time. There are so many factors used to determine how much each individual will pay for their own car insurance that it truly depends on the person and the situation. You have to find the best auto insurance rates on the market for you. In fact, that can and probably will change over time as you age, as your family grows, as you move around and as the vehicles you are insuring changes. It’s a moving target, but you do have the necessary tools to keep it in focus.

Auto Insurance Companies Target Markets

Auto insurance companies, for the most part, focus on a niche customer. Most serve virtually every type of customer, but they target a certain niche. Much of this is because of their history. For instance, Farmers and State Farm started out as insurance for farmers and ranchers and so they tend to offer discounts and more affordable rates for the various insurance products farmers and ranchers need. GEICO began as an insurer for government employees (The Government Employees Insurance Company), so government workers and members of the military receive a generous discount.

Find Your Auto Insurance Niche

With this information in hand, the next step is to think about what niche you fit into and which company or companies may offer you the best rates as well as the appropriate coverage and best customer service. Have you had a few tickets or worse? There are a few companies that cater to high risk drivers. Do you have a family with young drivers? Some companies are more understanding of young drivers and offer more competitive rates. If you are a homeowner, then getting your auto insurance and home insurance together can save you a great deal of money, so look for a company that can also insure your home.

Factors Affecting Auto Insurance Rates

The biggest factors affecting rates are your driving and credit history, the vehicles being insured, and where you live. If any of these changes, expect your rates to do likewise. So, the idea that even the rates for you will change over time is understandable. You do need to be on a continual hunt for the best rates. It is a good idea to get auto insurance comparison quotes at least once a year to see where the best auto insurance rates lie.

Auto Insurance Quotes to Find the Best Rates

You have one phenomenal tool in your arsenal to hone in on that moving target and find out who has the best auto insurance rates. Online car insurance quotes allow you to compare rates after entering your information in an online form. It literally only takes a few minutes and you will probably be surprised at the results. The rates can vary from company to company by as much as $400, $500 or more in some situations. You can use our free rate quote tool to get a large number of quotes today so you will know who has the best auto insurance rates available for you.

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