Will Auto Insurance Cover Tire Damage from Braking?

One of the most important components of your vehicle is the tires. They are important for safety as well as comfort and gas mileage. They are also costly and have to be replaced on a regular basis, which is why you and many others wonder will auto insurance cover tire damage from braking.

Auto Insurance Policies and Tire Damage

In most cases, auto insurance will not cover tire damage from braking. Tires, on their own, are not usually covered by your car insurance policy. However, if they are a part of a larger car insurance claim, they can be included in the claim amount. For instance, someone collides into the side of the car and pops your tire. The reason they are not covered is because tire damage from braking and most other tire damage is considered part of normal wear and tear, which is not covered by your auto insurance policy. It is considered the same as needing a new battery or alternator or fan belt. Even if you have to brake suddenly to avoid an accident and damage one or both front tires, your policy most likely will not pay for replacement.

Adding Auto Insurance Coverage for Tire Damage

Some insurance companies may allow you to add this coverage to your policy. If this is the case, there are a couple of things to consider. First, is your deductible low enough that it makes sense to include tire damage? If you have a $500 deductible and the cost to replace a single tire is only $150, there is no point. Even if you have to replace an entire set that costs about $600, you are only getting reimbursed for $100. It really only makes sense if you have a low deductible and your tires are expensive to replace. Second, does it make sense to file a claim for such a low dollar amount consider it can affect and probably will have some sort of effect on future rates?

Adding Tire Damage to Your Auto Insurance Claim

There are exceptions to every rule and in the case of auto insurance and collisions, each circumstance is different. If you can successfully prove that your tire damage is part of a larger claim or the reason for a collision, you can be reimbursed. If you feel you have a strong case, it doesn’t hurt to try. The worst they can do is say no.

Options Other Than Auto Insurance for Reimbursement

If you do have tire damage that is not a part of a larger accident, you do have an option for tire replacement. Your vehicle warranty may pay for tire replacement if it is still in effect. Again, pay attention to the deductible to see if it is worth applying for reimbursement. Also, many tire brands and tire shops will warranty the tires themselves. If you are under mileage and have met with guidelines for tire pressure and tire rotation, you may be able to get reimbursement this way.

Compare Auto Insurance Policies and Rates

If you are considering the notion of adding tire replacement coverage or any other type of coverage, you should use online rate quotes to compare the cost. It may or may not be a financially sound decision, but you will not know unless you take a few minutes to gather 5 or 10 quotes. Use our free auto insurance rate quote tool anytime to compare rates on things such as coverage for tire damage from braking.

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